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The MC2 Network partners with the North American Mission Board.  The North American Mission Board (NAMB) through the Send North America strategy partners with endorsed planters through training, networking and resourcing. To become an endorsed NAMB missionary, there are some expectations with which the missionary must agree. If you plan to apply to be a church planter with NAMB, please read the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, NAMB Code of Conduct for Missionaries and additional expectations below. Also please talk with your local church planting catalyst (CPC) about any questions you may have. Click on this link for the Pennsylvania/South Jersey Church Planting Catalysts.  

If you want to talk directly to the North American Mission Board in Atlanta, GA please call the Mobilization Connection Center at 877-882-4437.

The Baptist Faith & Message

The North American Mission Board joins with other Southern Baptists in adopting the Baptist Faith & Message as its statement of faith. Click the following link to become familiar with the current Baptist Faith & Message.

The NAMB Code of Conduct

NAMB is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) whose messengers over the years have adopted resolutions on a variety of subjects. These range from broad concepts of freedom of religion and the separation of church and state to matters of morality and personal conduct. Your personal lifestyle as a NAMB team member/missionary may be more subject to scrutiny than if you were employed by a non-religious, for-profit organization. You will be expected to abide by guidance given to individuals/churches by the SBC and/or NAMB leaders. Click the following link to become familiar with the current NAMB Code of Conduct.

Additional Expectations:

Missionaries are expected to do the following during their time as a church planter:

An investment of a minimum of 25 hours per week in establishing the new church
At least monthly communication with prayer team and ministry partners
Regular participation in an intentional coaching relationship
Occasional participation in a coaching relationship for spouse, if applicable
Submission of monthly reports to NAMB, coach and ministry partners
Lead church plant in a minimum 10% missions giving: minimum 6% to SBC Cooperative Program and 4% to other Great Commission causes
Monthly participation in a peer-to-peer learning community

Planter Funding:

The funding provided for church planters is determined using the Planting Projector tool, which assesses funding needs based on leadership capacity, context and church planting model. Funding sources may include NAMB, state/Canadian convention, local association, Sending and/or Supporting Churches and personal support. Visit to learn more.

A Church Planter is a man who desires to commit his life following God’s missionary call to make disciples, developing a team around a specific plan all aimed at planting a church in a specific location in cooperation with strategic partners.

Steps for Church Planter Endorsement:

To qualify to be endorsed as a church planter with NAMB, applicants must take the following steps:

Register interest as a church planter on Once registered, you will receive a follow-up communication and the church planter application.
Complete the NAMB application and online pre-assessments provided.
Attend a NAMB approved assessment event.
NAMB endorsement is given post approval of application and assessment(s).
Complete the Church Planter Funding Projector. The funding projection is to be established in partnership with NAMB and other church-planting partners.
Must move to or live on-site and in context where the church plant will be located.

To begin with the church planting application register by clicking the Get Started.