Reproduction= disciple making

Currently, Christian churches tend to measure success by their seating capacity, not their sending ability. Numbers sitting in chairs on Sunday morning is most often the biggest measuring tool for whether a church is “getting it done.”

Numbers are good, but they aren’t the greatest indicator for how a church is really impacting its community.

One of the greatest signs that a church is healthy is whether it reproduces disciples, leaders, new ministries, and new churches.

A church’s ability to reproduce is tied to fulfilling the command given to the church by the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt. 28: 19-20).

Most churches in the western world are struggling with reproducing disciples, leaders, and new types of ministries. Reproducing a new church becomes a struggle because the church struggles itself in developing new disciples, leaders, and even new ministries withi

In PA/SJ we celebrate churches that have shown the ability to reproduce and encourage them to become Multiplying Church Centers (MCC’s).

An MCC is specifically designed to train individuals how to become effective church planters.The MCC has two training tracks that focus on equipping a potential church planter to know how to effectively plant a church in a certain context: the equipping and the relational tracks. The equipping track focuses on getting the church planter ready and proficient in planting a new church. The relational track focuses on developing relationships skills in the life of the church planter. Each MCC is encouraged to develop these tracks in order to become a reputable and functional MCC.

MC2 logo


Today our MCC’s are networking to become a force in impacting lostness through new
  church starts. This network is known as MC2. It draws its identity and logo from Albert Einstein’s formula for energy.

The MC2 Network believes that if we multiply churches that multiply churches, this energy and focus will do much to impact lostness throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Plus, and perhaps most important, it will be faithful to the command to “go and make disciples of all people groups” (Matt: 28:19).

For more information about becoming an MCC, contact Barry Whitworth at

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