Why Metrics are Important


What is a metric? Put simply, it is a standard of measurement. If an organization is to be successful it needs to have some means to measure its success. The implementation of metrics helps evaluate whether a person and/or organization is reaching his or its goals.

Why do we need metrics? Metrics are used to help focus people and resources on what’s important. Metrics reflect strategies, track efficiency, and reveal the priorities of an organization. Ultimately, metrics help communicate to an organization:

  • What it has been doing

  • Where it is heading

  • Whether something is going wrong

  • When the organization reaches its target

The benefits of metrics are productivity and results. When resources are spent on an organization to achieve a purpose, metrics help measure the effectiveness of the investment.

Effective metrics always:

  • Energize the strategy and direction of an organization

  • Provide focus for an organization and its employees

  • Assist in building productive decision-making

  • Motivate people and their performance

The Multiplying Churches Team has implemented metrics within its church planting strategy and system. Our metrics are designed to help stimulate our people to do all that we can to reach people for Christ through new church starts. What are they?

Our Church Planter (CP) metrics measure whether a church planter is making disciples, making disciple-makers, and creating new ministries/groups/churches to further reach people with the gospel.
Our Multiplying Church Centers (MCCs) metrics are centered on whether an MCC is training a church planter to be effectively prepared to plant a church.
Our Church Planting Catalysts (CPCs) metrics are based upon them exegeting 16 communities a year, engaging 8 of those communities with a project or event, with the expectation that 4 new churches may be started through their engagement.

Why did we implement such metrics? There are various reasons. The main reason is to advance our effort of seeing that every person living in PA and SJ is within a 20-minute drive of an evangelical church. Another reason would be that our team is performing good stewardship of the resources that Southern Baptist give through the Cooperative Program and Annie Armstrong Offering to start new churches in PA/SJ.

“Too whom much is given much is required.” Reaching our metrics keep us centered on the task of “pushing back darkness by decreasing lostness” through new church starts.


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